Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Monkeys and Shakespeare

There's that quote which goes something like: If you put a monkey in front of a typewriter for long enough, it will eventually write some Shakespeare. Well, I'm like that too.

Whether I try to get Apache working, try to install a Perl module on my new Raspberry Pi (more on that here) or try and get a CMS on Rails to work, I come across problems. Sometimes they are difficulties that are easily searchable and a fix is immediate and other times it can just be a nightmare.

Often, it's just sheer bulldog like perseverance that carries me through and other times I come across a better way to solve it, but the reality is that computer code can be so complicated in ways that I won't ever understand and the only solution is to throw things at it and see what sticks.

So I thought I would start a technical blog and try and document the various solutions I came across for different problems that came up in the hope that I become one of those blogs that has exactly the answer you are looking for.

The posts are necessarily varied since my interests and work requirements change constantly but hopefully someone will get something out of one small part.

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